Impossible is nothing

I’ve just came back to visit my physiotherapist for third time this week.

Tomorrow is race day, a 45km trail race around Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró. The race is great, but definitely there are races with better landscapes. However, has one of the biggest running atmosphere of the year in Spain.

One week ago I fell during training and I got three stitches and a big inflammation in the knee. Until yesterday, I thought running tomorrow was impossible, but like the slogan… Impossible is nothing.

I’m still on pain but I think I could finish. After three physio sessions this week I feel like running.

Learning to meditate

I’ve been playing a bit with meditation in the past few years although never constantly. However, in the past few days, even without pretending it, I’ve meditated several days in a row.

An application called Insight Timer has part of the credit.

It’s a very easy mediation app with the option of listen guided meditations and also has the option of listen relaxing background sounds to meditate by yourself. That last feature was the main reason I was using it at the beginning, when the only thing I was looking for was some relaxing music to help me fell sleep.

In the following weeks I want to focus on meditation and I will experiment several times a day (specially when I have a small break between poker sessions or other tasks) and I’ll read as much as I can about it.

There are too much people saying that meditation has huge effects to doesn’t give it a try.

How I sleep

My sleep cycle has changed a lot in the past years. One good thing about working for yourself  or be the boss of your own company is you have flexibility and you can decide when and how you life.

You can follow a 9-5 pattern, sleep and work even earlier, do all your work at night and go to sleep when the sunrise or… well, you have infinites possibilities.

I commonly work more relaxed at night but my eating habits are a mess when I do it. Early mornings are aswell a good time to do relevant work without distractions and afternoon is probably for me the worst part of the day according to my experience.

Is impossible to me to feel 100% after lunch, although maybe I eat too much during it and I should eat something lighter. Maybe…

The point is I pretend to continue playing poker for a while and the best hours in Spain to do it are definitely the night hours. There are less regs (regular players) and more recreational players.

During the past weeks I’ve been eating in one chunk of 8 hours aprox. from 6-7am to 2-3pm each day and it worked quite well, however, if you plan to work almost all day, your life is reduced to a few hours of sun per day, specially during winter.

Is because of that I’ve decided implement a biphasic sleep cycle. Segmented sleep they call it.

Yesterday was the first day with this new schedule and I need to experiment how my body and performance will react to it.I will update about how is going in the next days.




I’ve come back to Linux after a more than 10 years. Well, of course I’ve been using it a bit to configure some web servers in a very basic level, but has passed a lot of time since the last time I had a Linux in my laptop.

Old times.

I remember passing a lot of time, installing, configuring thinks, learning programming, participating in some hack meetings and so on. I remember the first distribution I used was RedHat, and after a few months, Mandrake. I’ve never installed SuSE or Gentoo. And I finally ended playing with Debian. I remember when Ubuntu appeared and was for noobs. Now everybody is using it. What a work the have done!

Because of poker I still have a partition with Windows. I’ve tried to install some of the poker software I use by Wine (a Windows launcher for LInux), but doesn’t work properly. So, when I need to play poker or do things related with poker, I boot Windows. But after that, I come back to Linux.

I’ve almost forgot a lot of the commands I used to use, but will be matter of time to be as agile as before.

I missed a lot the feeling of have some much control at my own machine. That’s why I installed it again. I missed know how things works, configure everything to detail and don’t be a simple user. The idea of less spyware, malware, etc. also is a big point. I don’t want a big corporation like Microsoft or Google knows everything about me.

I’m more and more interested in security and privacy and Linux is just one of the few step for the total freedom.

Addicted to running

June of 2013 is the month where everything changed. My lifestyle, my goals… everything because of running.

I was been running some days a week from 2008, when I signed for my first 10k race, but the true is I was pretty inconsistent. If I ran was because of being healthy, not because running itself was something I liked.

But in June, a friend of mine, decided to sign for an Xterra, a mountain triathlon, where there was the option participate by relays. My friend called me and told me he had a friend doing the bike part, he would swim, and I was the third man to run 10k trail.

That was my first experience with trail running. No previous trail runs and almost no training at all. As I said, I was pretty inconsistent. My longer runs were 1 hour max. and running an average of 3 times per weeks the lucky ones.

I ran and I don’t know why, we did it quite well. I will remember that day because I was destroyed after and that night was Verbena de San Juan, a special holiday we do in Spain 23rd of June, eating and drinking on the beach until the next morning, watching fireworks and the sunrise.

That day, the experience of running in an event like that one, with a special atmosphere of people giving their best… it captivated. And from that day, I knew I would like to train for something similar.

I don’t know why the idea of run a marathon came to my mind. Maybe was some video I watched or something, the thing is I trained for 16 weeks and ran my first marathon outside of my country, in Amsterdam.

Those months, getting ready for such similar effort, taught me a lot, and not just about running! The process to train a marathon from scratch changed my life forever and from that day, I’m addicted to running.

A little hack to get perspective

From time ago I try to establish weekly, monthly and yearly goals and I tell to myself that I will review those goals and pursue them actively each week. And the true is I fail miserably each time.

I would like to optimize all my time for goals that I have in mind but is very easy to fell on the short term pleaseures and forget about our future.

However, there are a little hack that works quite well to get perspective: Imagine that there are an hypothetical observer and he has to guess what are your priorities in life, what’s your focus. Watching your day to day actions he would guess it?

If what he could see of your life is out of line to what you want, it’s time to adjust.

Setting higher limits

While I was reading yesterday night, lying on my bed, I was thinking about something… The will some people have to do things nobody else want want to do.

That kind of people that always try harder than anybody and for them never is enough.

I would like to think that I’m that kind of guy, setting always higher limits, but is hard (obviously) and sometimes I struggle accomplishing my goals or not giving up.

Try it again, push harder, do what no one else is willing to do, don’t worry about others will say, think less, take more action, embrace the uncomfortable, live life by you own standards and don’t let nobody tell you what you should do.

Quitting Coffee

Some time ago I decided I would like quit drinkin coffee. That idea crossed my mind but never come true. I’ve tried multiple times, always failing on the way.

I missed too much that smell, his taste… I missed sit somewhere with a big Americano, write for an hour or more in my laptop or simply relax where I am.

I loved go to a coffee shop, order a coffe and work there for hours. But at the same time, I was consuming in huge quantities at home too. Drinking 0,5L coffee one after another. I don’t think this was a healthy habit.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of quitting caffeine and I’ve read that some people arrived to some point where they felt anxiety, depression, headaches, etc. Was not my case.

I’ve decided quit coffee and even tea for a while just because I don’t like the idea of depending of something to make me “work” as a normal person. I want to be as pure as I can. Drinkinkin mostly water (now I drink sparkling water sometimes) and infusions without theine. Not soda or alcohol.

I don’t know how many days have passed since something clicked-it on my mind, since I’m commited to no drink more coffee (probably just 2 weeks) but I’ve already feel that drinking coffee isn’t right now part of my habits.

By the way, all this began just before I’ve decided do a 4 days water-fast. I think I will repeat it soon.

The only thing that really matters

We spend too much planning ahead and thinking and regretting about what we have done. Too much time, really.

I’m sweating like a pig while I write this. Is really hot these days where I am. I don’t know why I say this, I guess this blog will be even more personal than I thought when I began it.

Anyway, what I was talking about is there are only one thing that really matters, and that thing is called present. Doesn’t matter what have you done before, but you always can take a good decision in everything now.

I’m obsessed with the idea of do things that are beneficial to me in the mid-long-term, but I feel that I fail constantly on it. If by example, I decide to follow a very strict diet for a while, probably I can accomplish the goal 100%, but I could do it 99%, or 90%, or 60%. And that doesn’t mean you should give up in your goals.

If I decide to exercise daily during three months, or a year, or for life. If I skip a day, that doesn’t mean I should quit because I failed ONCE. You still can go next day and think: “Yey! Let’s go continue with my goal and continue working out!”

If you understand this, if you focus on do the right thing in the present despite what you have done last time, then you will suceed on whatever you want to accomplish. Is hard to be 100% strict, so, be flexible. Be water my friend!

I want to buy a fucking van

I’ve been thinking about it since a long time ago and I’ve already decided when. That’s an important step on the way.

The point is, what I want to do with the van? What’s my plan?

My plan is to buy a very old van and refurnish it by myself even I have the money to buy a full-equipped new one. I want to take part in all the part of the process a give part to my soul to this van. Make the van 100% mine.

First I’ll buy a very old one and with help of my father I’ll make all the repairs we need to make 100% sure. It will be a great opportunity to learn from my father some mechanics and be able to repair some thing by myself while I’m driving around.

Second step will be begin to design all the interior of the van and create furniture with paperboard to simulate all the inside and see if is like I would like it to be.

After that probably It will take me weeks or even months to finish it completely. The thing is I would like to enjoy the process to create something almost by myself.

And what I will do once I finish my van?

Depending what time of the year is. If I buy the van before next June, by example (9 months from now), work on the van two months (almost full-time) and then spend all August around Chamonix, training and racing on the Ultra Trail of Montblanc. If is later, probably spend part of the autumn doing a long trip around Europe.

I would like to be totally independent and have a place the live despite the place I am. Of course, to travel with a van I should prepare everything to be able to work from the van and have Internet access where I go. In Spain will be easy, but I’ll need to figure a way to do it abroad.

I want to buy a fucking van, repair it by myself, be totally independent, work from anywhere and explore new places running.

Note: By the way, yesterday I’ve finished third on the mountain half marathon I run despite the bad feelings of the previous days!