My relationship with food

I run, and what I say “I run” means that I ran a lot. Is one of my main priorities in my life and since I’ve began time ago, running has affected positively to me in multiple areas. One of them, is changing a bit my relationship with food or at least influence it.

Before running I was a guy that like now, I was spending long hours front of the computer. In addition, I was no doing any sport and during my childhood, despite I’ve tried multiple sports like soccer, basketball, football… I’ve always felt that I was not a sports guys. Everything changed the day I decided train for run at least one marathon in my life. After that, I become totally addicted to running.

And being totally addicted means take care of a lot of new things, like strength, shoes, types of trainings… and diet!

My relationship with food since I was a child always have been a “eat what you see” policy. That means I commonly didn’t care what I was putting on my body and I wasn’t managing the quantities that my body really need. I was not feeling my body and eating until I was totally full.

Since a long time ago, I’ve been experimenting a lot with nutrition, and despite sometimes I binge quite heavy, nowadays I maintain a good diet most of my days. However, in periods of times like now, when I do not run too much (off-season) I feel I lose some control of what and how much I eat.

To avoid that, I have some simple tips that I use during my days:

  • Ask myself questions like “Why I need to eat?”,¬† “How much I need?”, “I’m already full?”.
  • Avoid eating front of the computer or TV. Try to drink water, tea, etc. instead.
  • Create a future mind-set and think about how you in the future with a good diet.
  • Don’t starve during day/night. I you feel hungry, eat something and listen your body to see how much you need.

The FIRST blog post

This blog has a long long history and is not really the first time I write here, but I will leave that for another day. However, this post is the first one of, what I hope it will be, a long streak writing daily. Like in the past, when blogging was a new thing and everybody was excited about it.

I don’t know exactly why I want to do this, and neither why I don’t want to do it writing in Spanish (my native language), but I’m attracted by the idea of writing daily and I can’t do anything about it.

I like to have a place where I can express all my ideas openly, although the truth is… I know nobody will read all these posts. Well, at least during the first… #100 posts, maybe? In fact, will be better that way because my English is horrible and it will take time until I can write something more “readable”.

Probably one of the reasons I’ve decided write in English is to improve my writing and be used to do it constantly. Spanish and English are two of the most powerful languages in the world and it would be a nice idea if I can dominate them at 99%.

My plan is to pay somebody in the future to correct weekly all my blog posts and show me all the mistakes I’ve made. I’ll think it carefully later but meanwhile, once a week I’ll try to reread everything and correct whatever I see.

I’ve begun writing this with a daily goal of words in mind, something like 500 words, but now that I’m on it I think it will be too much. A minimum of 250 words per day should be enough. Like today, 290.