Building the Digital Future

Building the Digital Future

Building, Investing in Startups aiming to change the world

what we do best?

Launching innovative new projects

We create new projects every quarter, build a MVP and A/B test the core idea.

Transforming projects in real companies

We focus on the best projects and transform them in profitable real companies.

Investing in Startups

We provide seed capital to small startups or projects aiming to change the world.

Supporting external projects

We help entrepreneurs and small teams with our resources and know-how to make them grow.

our main companies

Here are some of the companies that we are currently focused on…

Online Training for Runners

Online tribe focused in help runners improve their performance with content, personalized training plans and coaching.

Advisor of Sports Events

The biggest directory of running, trailrunning, cycling or triathlon races. Online rankings and much more.

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